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WV Non-Operated

Our Focus Area

What is a Non-Operated (Non-Op) lease?  Non-Op is when an oil and gas company, like Shenandoah, owns a lease that is drilled and operated by another company. In this case, Shenandoah participates financially in the well costs and both the mineral owner and Shenandoah receive revenue.

How It Works

At Shenandoah Energy Partners, we consistently offer better terms on leases than regional operators.

You finally have a choice when leasing your mineral rights! Due to regulatory changes and new laws in West Virginia, mineral owners have an alternative to being forced to accept an operator’s lease and terms.

Now mineral owners can lease to any company, and that lease can be included in horizontal well development. Shenandoah can lease your land at better prices, royalties, terms, and conditions than the operators.

The real benefit of recent changes in West Virginia is that mineral owners have options, and the traditional regional operators now have to compete with Shenandoah. Competition always leads to higher and more productive lease terms to mineral owners.

West Virginia operators have become too accustomed to having no competition for leases and, surprisingly, don’t like Shenandoah buying leases in “their” area, which is mineral owners’ land! Contact us to see the difference. 

1. Contact Us

Shenandoah will respond quickly to better understand your mineral rights, location, and lease expectations.

2. Review

Our land professionals and engineers review your title and oil and gas resources to generate a lease offer.

3. Offer

Shenandoah will present a lease offer. Oil and gas leases are not one size fits all, and our leases can be customized to fit your situation and land ownership.

4. Lease

Shenandoah has a 100% track record of closing and paying for leases it offers. Even after an owner leases, we remain available to owners after settling the deal, assisting with changes in tax, ownership, heirship, transfer, etc.