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Many factors go into calculating the offer for a lease, including geologic resource assessment, drill timing, the location of the lease and market trends.

Absolutely. Shenandoah views your property as just that – yours. We are guests. Shenandoah wants  to ensure  you are comfortable entering into a lease and can customize it to fit your needs.

Well operators need lands leased by either themselves or a third party to drill and produce across a wellbore path. These threats are not legitimate. Remember, when you are entering into a contract, its probably not a good idea to do so with someone threatening you. Ultimately, both Shenandoah and the operator are making considerable investments by acquiring leases and neither party is incentivized to leave lands that are not utilized.

Per state law, West Virginia requires mineral owners receive their royalty based off the royalty rate and terms stated in the lease regardless of the owner of the lease. Shenandoah doesn’t buy leases in areas it doesn’t want to participate.  We are making investments in acquiring leases that we will continue to seek development on.

It is possible and Shenandoah wants to invest in your lease. Please call, email or fill out our online form to discuss further. Call any competent oil and gas attorney in West Virginia to confirm. 

It is amazing what some company landmen will say to push you to make a decision. It can be unprofessional and wrong. Get in contact with us and let’s discuss whatever is being said. Ultimately, when you sign a lease with Shenandoah, your rights and lease will be treated the same as if you signed with another party, except we will give you a better deal!